Dear Millennial

Perhaps by now, you are tired of hearing this label. You are exhausted by the stereotype associated with you being a millennial—someone who enjoys the loud and upbeat rhythm of an electronic dance music, who frequently goes to the clubs and rave parties, and the so-called laziness that comes with the label. Because you know that deep down, this is only a tiny percentage of who you are. You enjoy these things, even lazy weekends and downtimes. But you know that this isn’t exactly the case all the time. And perhaps, this stereotype isn’t so much a stereotype but the only version most people perceive you to be.

Dear Millennial, I want you to know that you are so much more than your electronic dance music and rave parties. While there is nothing wrong with these, you must have forgotten the seeds of potential planted in you to bloom and grow. You go through time, flying about, with your faces just a little too close to your iPads and fingers fumbling about through your iPhones. But dear Millennial, while you are highly capable of adapting in this technologically advanced world, may you never forget other versions of you.

Dear Millennial, I want you to remember the first time you set foot on a sandy beach, with the sun rising high at noon and no electronic dance music surrounding you except for the dancing of the wind as you stroll by the shore.

Dear Millennial, I want you to remember those times when your mother would ask you to take naps. But with that crazy ball of energy you had at the age of seven, you go on and on watching shows on Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. And your grown-up millennial self probably misses those times when you have an allotted time for naps. But while missing those times, you lose sleep waiting for text messages from someone whose name you wish to pop up on your screen.

Dear Millennial, I want you to remember the first day of kindergarten. With your wide-eyed cluelessness and sense of wonder, you go through that day as a milestone, the very first steps of learning. I want you to remember this as you go through your graduation day. Or if you already have, remind yourself how you have savoured that moment. And how you’ve unleashed the ultimate millennial in you to capture moments and innumerable selfies. Perhaps, you aren’t so much as a millennial but someone who lives for moments, who feels alive with moments like this—of euphoria and  pure, uninhibited joy. And then, the day after graduation, you’ll feel it, dear millennial—that same wide-eyed cluelessness and sense of wonder, awaiting for the next chapter of your life to begin—that feeling of stepping into an unknown territory, of immersing yourself in a place called, “adults and grown-ups.”

Dear Millennial, so much has been said about you. And perhaps, there have been countless moments when you felt like most of these are true. But these versions of you on sandy beaches and sitting by the living room watching cartoons and taking naps—these are the versions most people have forgotten about. You are that child with the spark that fuels your imagination. In a world full of grown-ups, try your hardest to be just like the Little Prince—the one who watches 44 sunsets in a day and tames foxes, ultimately becoming responsible for that which you have tamed.

And so, dear Millennial, may you never forget that child in you that thrives in simple joys, that is made alive by the beauty of sunsets and stars.

Dear Millennial, may you find it in you to remember who you were in order to keep yourself grounded for who you will become.

Dear Millennial, you have this lifetime to find and become the version of yourself you’ll like the most—the one you’ll be proudest of and happiest to be. It’ll take time. And at this point, you are still figuring most things out. And that’s ok. Don’t rush things that need time to grow. In time, you’ll bloom.


P.S. Time will never be enough. It will feel like time is the greatest enemy. Forget that. Instead, befriend it.


Love always,






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